North Olympic Peninsula Area Narcotics Anonymous

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Webmail Instructions

The following instructions are for NOPANA Members with Webmail Accounts:

Webmail Account Features

Auto Forward: Your Webmail Account comes with an ‘Auto Forward’ feature that promptly sends a copy of the email that is sent to your Webmail address, to your personal email Inbox. It leaves the original email in your Webmail Inbox; it does not delete it. By delivering your email directly to you as soon as it arrives in your Webmail Inbox, it facilitates a prompt response on your part. And it eliminates the necessity to log in to Webmail each day. Contact Webservant to affect a change of address to the ‘Auto Forward’ feature.

Sync Webmail to your computer/device: In addition to ‘Auto Forward’, you can sync your Webmail to your personal email program utilizing the ‘Configure Mail Client’ feature. This is the most convenient way to manage your Webmail. The Inbox, Drafts, Sent and Trash folders of your Webmail Account will be duplicated in your personal email program and synced every time your email program retrieves new email. The ‘Configure Mail Client’ feature is accessed from your Webmail Account Home Page.

Auto Responder: 
Your Webmail Account is also setup with an ‘Auto Responder’ so the sender knows their email was received. It promptly sends an email to the sender that says: “Your email has been received; we will get back to you as soon as possible!” You will want to respond to your correspondence in a timely manner, and the ‘Auto Responder’ fills the gap until you do. The ‘Auto Responder’ feature is accessed from your Webmail Account Home Page, and it can be edited.

(The 'Auto-Responder' feature has been disabled due to 'spam bot' activity.)

Accessing the Webmail Account

Access your Webmail account via the website by clicking on Webmail under the Webmail menu. That will take you to the cPanel Webmail Log in page. While you are there you can save the url as a ‘Favorite’ in your browser and/or create a desktop icon for future convenient access. When you have successfully logged in using your Webmail address and password, you will be taken to the cPanel Webmail Home Page. For password assistance contact Webservant

At the Home Page select from any of the email client options: horde, roundcube, or SquirrelMail. The three email clients are synced together so your email correspondence appears simultaneously in all of them, and your password protects all three simultaneously. It is a matter of personal preference which email client you choose to use. In the email clients, select Options or Settings/Preferences to customize the interface to your liking. Try out all three and decide on your favorite, or select a different one each time, it’s your choice.

If you decide on a favorite email client, you can save a step and set it to ‘AutoLoad’ when you log in. ‘AutoLoad’ is accessed on the Webmail Account Home Page by clicking on: [Enable AutoLoad] below the email client icon, and then selecting the number of seconds before you are taken to your email Client after logging in; 5 is default, 0 is not an option, 1 gets the fastest access. With this feature activated, your email client of choice will automatically open quickly after you have logged in.

Home Page Settings

Anytime that you are in your email client and you would like to go back to the Home Page to make changes to your settings without logging out, click on your browser’s Back arrow, or you can log out and then log back in; either method takes you to the Home Page. At your Home Page you can: [Enable/Disable AutoLoad], ‘Change Password’, setup ‘Auto Responders’, ‘Configure Mail Client’, and setup ‘Email Filtering’. A Logout is provided on the top and bottom bars of the Homepage, for safely exiting the program.

Exiting the Email Client

When you are ready to leave your email client, do not exit the email client by clicking on your browser’s X to close it. In all three of the email client’s upper bars, on the far right of the bar, a method is provided for you to safely exit. In SquirrelMail it is ‘Sign Out’, in roundcube it is ‘Log Out’, and in horde it is a right-pointing arrow. If you close your web browser to exit, and do not first log out, it may cause an error in your browser, which will effect a short delay while your browser reacts to the error, then closes and reopens. There does not appear to be damage done when this happens, but it is better to avoid it.

For assistance in using the Webmail service, c
ontact Webservant
If you would like to add or correct information, such as a meeting time/location, make a suggestion, or just give us feedback, please send an email to the Webservant.

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