North Olympic Peninsula Area Narcotics Anonymous

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The NA Group

The following is an excerpt from the NA publication The Group Booklet

What is an NA group?

  NA groups are formed by addicts who wish to support one another in recovery, in carrying the message directly to other addicts, and in participating in the activities and services of NA as a whole. One of the primary means an NA group uses to fulfill these ends is to conduct NA meetings where addicts can share their recovery experience, thus supporting one another and at the same time carrying the message to others. Some groups host a single weekly meeting; others host a number of meetings each week. The quality of an NA meeting is directly dependent on the strength and solidarity of the NA group which sponsors it.

  NA groups—not NA meetings—are the foundation of the NA service structure. Together, the NA groups are responsible for making service decisions that directly affect them and what they do in their meetings as well as those that fundamentally affect the identity of Narcotics Anonymous.

  Groups maintain contact with the rest of Narcotics Anonymous through representatives selected to participate on the groups’ behalf in the NA service structure. Mailings from the World Service Office, including the quarterly NA Way Magazine, keep NA groups informed on issues affecting the fellowship worldwide.

  The primary purpose of an NA group is to carry the message of recovery to the addict who still suffers. The group provides each member with the opportunity to share and to hear the experience of other addicts who are learning to live a better way of life without the use of drugs. The group is the primary vehicle by which our message is carried. It provides a setting in which a newcomer can identify with recovering addicts and find an atmosphere of recovery.

  NA meetings are events at which addicts share with one another their experience in recovery and in the application of the Twelve Steps. While many—if not most—NA meetings are in fact hosted by an NA group, other NA meetings occur all the time: informally among friends, at large area or regional speaker meetings, at conventions, in schools, institutions, and so forth. The NA group is an entity; the NA meeting is an event; and NA meetings may be held without the sponsorship of an NA group.

What is a “home group”?

  In some NA communities, it has become customary for members of the fellowship to make a personal commitment to support one particular group—their “home group.” Though this custom is not universal, many believe its practice can benefit the individual member as well as the group. For the individual member, it can provide a stable recovery base, a place to call “home,” a place to know and be known by other recovering addicts. For the group, it ensures the support of a core of regular, committed members. A strong home group can also foster a spirit of camaraderie among its members that makes the group more attractive to and more supportive of newcomers.

  The home group provides many opportunities for us to involve ourselves in the NA Fellowship, making it a great place for us to start giving back what Narcotics Anonymous has so freely given us. In committing to our home group, we make a personal commitment to NA unity. That commitment not only enhances our own recovery; it helps ensure recovery is available for others. Our home group also gives us a place in which to participate in NA’s decision-making processes.
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