North Olympic Peninsula Area Narcotics Anonymous

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The following is an excerpt from the NOPASC publication NOPASC Service Guide

The Group Service Representative (G.S.R.)

GSR Roles & Responsibilities

 A Group Service Representative is the first in line of communication between a Group and Narcotics Anonymous as a whole. They are the link that binds the meetings/groups together in the performance of our primary purpose. It is their responsibility to keep their meeting/group informed and to express a meeting/group’s conscience in all matters at NOPASC. In other words, they are the voice of their group.

What is a Group Conscience?

 The Sixth Concept of Service states, “As we steadily apply spiritual principals in our lives, our decisions and actions increasingly become less motivated by self-interest, and more motivated by what our conscience tells us is good and right.” As the Second Concept of Service states, ”The most important resource contributed to the service structure by a Narcotics Anonymous group is almost exclusively; its ideas and its conscience.”

 A Narcotics Anonymous meeting/group may designate a person, either an elected GSR, an alternate GSR, or a meeting/group representative. Each autonomous Narcotics Anonymous meeting/groups has a vote. However, each meeting/group may have only ONE representative voting for them, and a voting member may have only ONE vote even though they might be representing more than one meeting/group at that time.

 Electing GSR’s who will take an active part in the business of Narcotics Anonymous is another way we can improve the unity of the fellowship. Active representation, more than anything else, can strengthen the ties that bind us together and promote our common welfare. The active participation of each Group Representative is essential for a successful Area Service Committee.

 The GSR speaks for their meeting/group at the NOPASC meetings. They take part in the planning and implementation of all functions at the NOPASC. Because of their participation, they keep their meeting/group informed about what is happening in Narcotics Anonymous. Members of a meeting/group should always be able to go to their GSR and find out about activities, other meetings/groups, how our Narcotics Anonymous service structure works and how they can become more involved.

 In addition, a GSR participates in helping carry out the NOPASC other specific functions. The attracting of new members, the planning and implementation of new activities, and other Narcotics Anonymous meeting/groups are among a few of the valuable roles a GSR serves for the area. As well, like a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, experienced GSR’s may be asked to serve as “sponsor” to new GSR’s offering their experience to a new GSR.

More information on this topic is in the NA publication The Group Booklet

If you would like to add or correct information, such as a meeting time/location, make a suggestion, or just give us feedback, please send an email to the Webservant.

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