North Olympic Peninsula Area Narcotics Anonymous

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Contact Us - Instructions

Emailing a Committee Member on the Contact Us page:

1. Click on the Committee Member’s title (i.e. ASC Chairperson, etc.)
2. Fill in the webform.
3. Enter the CAPTCHA distorted text (CAPTCHA instructions are on the webform).
4. Click on ‘Send’.

Including attachments in the email:
To send an attachment, instead of filling in the webform, click on the email address for the Committee Member at the top of the webform page, and your default email client will open with that email address in the ‘To’ address box. 

Compose the email and insert an attachment as you normally would, and Send. The Committee Member will receive the email in their Webmail Inbox, with the inserted attachment.

If you would like to add or correct information, such as a meeting time/location, make a suggestion, or just give us feedback, please send an email to the Webservant.

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